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Here were applied Stomp EC and manual weeding. The herbicide was applied Kerb 50 Profit bitcoin mike baird. Conclusion: After this study the most efficiently is to combine the chemical with mechanical methods. The best results were given by herbicide Stomp EC. Indrea, D. Apahidean, M. Apahidean, D. Mănuţiu, R. Sima, Cultura legumelor. Ceres, Bucureşti. Guş, P. Rusu, I. Bogdan, Risoprint, Cluj-Napoca. Stana, D.

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  2. The content of ascorbic acid and total polyphenols was determined on methanolic extracts.
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  4. The most important methods of traditional seed conservation are on farm and ex situ Maxim et al.
  5. For this reason, the herbicidation strategies must be elaborated in such a manner that would contribute to healthy quantitatyive crops.
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Vârban, Lucrări practice morfologia și anatomia plantelor. Rustic, Cluj-Napoca. Introduction Cydalima perspectalis Walk. The species originated in the East Asian Japan, Korea, China from where it was introduced with the infected biological material to other areas. In Europe, the species was first reported in in Germany Krüger, In Romania it was first reported in Szekely et al. The adult has a the wingspan of up to 40 mm, the larvae body has de unde să începeți să investiți în bitcoin length of about 40 mm and pupa is about 20 mm long. Larva is an defoliator of buxus plants. This year was started monitoring actions of specie, studying the biological cycle and pest control methods. Materials and Methods: The observations on the biology of the species have been made both in laboratory conditions the larvae were monitored in growth cageand in the field.

Results: The biological material collected in the field was taken in the laboratory in cages growth. The first pupas were observed since 16 May and after 11 days were reported first adult on 27 May. In field condition adults occurred in June 10th. The larvae of the first generation have been reported since June 25th. Krüger EO Cydalima perspectalis Walker,a new species for the Romanian fauna Lepidoptera: Crambidae: Spilomelinae. Bul Inf Entomol Introduction: MicroResp is a colorimetric method developed by Campbell et alused for assessing the physiological profile of the microbial community. This method is important because uses the whole-soil to assess the microbial catabolic activity and in this way eliminate the discrimination of slower growing microorganisms while using the deep well microplates system. However, MicroResp also can be used to assess soil health, pollution induces community tolerance, also for toxicity testing, pesticide degradation profiles, bioremediation evaluation and water ecology and toxicity.

Aims: The aim of the present review is to assess the results of reviewed papers and the importance and efficiency of the MicroResp method in determining the physiological p rofile of the microbial community, its advantages and also its limitations. We focused on agricultural soil in order to deepen our understanding about changes of microbial community induced by agricultural practices. Materials and Methods: To achieve this goal, academic literature was analyzed using Google Scholar. There were set a total of six keywords, used to make a search algorithm, achieving five search terms. For each search, the first four articles of interest were chosen to be reviewed. Results: Following the searches for each of the search terms, between 72 and articles were found, 20 of them being chosen for final evaluation. Profit bitcoin mike baird articles that did not contain MicroResp as work profit bitcoin mike baird for the evaluation of the microbial community physiological profile were excluded.

Conclusion: Following the undertaken research, direct la instrumentele comerciale nz can be stated that MicroResp method is an important tool to the physiological profiling of the microbial community, featuring a series of advantages that place it ahead of other competing methods. Campbell C. Cameron, Davidson M. Potts,A rapid microtiter plate method to measure carbon dioxide evolved from carbon substrate amendments so as to determine the physiological profiles of soil microbial c ommunities by using whole soil, Applied And Environmental Microbiology, Vol.

Introduction: Traditional upland livestock grazing is declining worldwide, leading to concerns about possible impacts on biodiversity Pollock et al. In Romania most of semi-natural grassland are used as grazing pastures. The problem they will face is the growing number of small animals that grazed the grasslands, resulting in slowly abandoned grasslands. Aims: The purpose of this research is to assess the state of the biodiversity and pastoral value for Festuca rupicola- Bothriochloa ischaemum grasslands from the hill area. Materials and Methods: We analyzed the floristic composition and a series of ecological indexes, respectively humidity, soil reaction, temperature and nitrogen on a Festuca rupicola- Bothriochloa ischaemum grassland from the hill area. The analyzed grasslands are placed in the perimeter of the localities: Gilău, Aiton. Jucu and Frata, all from Cluj County. Results: Festuca rupicola-Bothriochloa ischaemum appears on profit minier bitcoin în numerar, dry land with a neutral reaction and poor trophicity. Maintenance work is hardly and seldom implemented, the proof being the presence of molehills and woody vegetation.

Agronomic value of the pasture of Festuca rupicola- Bothriochloa ischaemum is medium, being predominant by ballast species with reduced grazing capacity. Grasslands are used in a semi-extensive system, plants being trampled frequently in grazing period. Conclusion: We recommend a management pastoral developing plan which should contain adequate maintenance and a system of profit bitcoin mike baird use. Pollock M. Rangeland Ecol. Manage — July DOI: Faculty of Horticulture. Introduction: The appropriate management of the maize Zea mays culture involves the preoccupation for the suitable weed managing practices. A critical moment in development of the culture is the post-emergence phase. For this reason, the herbicidation strategies must be elaborated in such a manner that would contribute to healthy quantitatyive crops.

Aims: Testing post-emergence herbicidation startegies in maize Zea mays culture, in order to establish best practices, was the aim of our study. Several plots were organized, in order to test the post-emergence herbicidation strategies, in parallel with a control plot where herbicidation was not practiced. The number of weeds, by each species, and by each post-emergence herbicidal treatment were recorded. Results: Our study emphasize that post-emergence herbicidal treatments led to differentiated results, function of the herbicidation solution used, but in all cases the incidence of weeds are lower, compared to the control plot, where herbicidation was not applied. Conclusion: The development of our study emphasizes the importance of practicing the herbicidal treatment in post-emergent phase of maize Zea mays development. Introduction: Perennial forages are widespread in temperate and boreal areas, where much gratuit robot auto de tranzacționare the agriculture is based on livestock production. Due to the symbiosis with N 2-fixing rhizobia, perennial forage legumes have great potential to increase sustainability in such grassland farming systems Carlsson and Huss-Danell, The insect pests and viral diseases have significant negative impacts on the yield and persistence of forage legumes, and often it is difficult to develop resistant germplasm using traditional plant breeding a pproaches Voisey et al, Materials and Methods: For monitoring we use Barber traps that were placed in alfalfa and clover crops.

For barber traps we use mixture of water, antifreeze and sugar. Traps assessment was conducted at an interval of 2 weeks. Results: During monitoring period with Barber traps were collected a total of of which in May 14; in June 21 and in July Also a large number of specimens were collected of the genus Carabus Carabus ulrichii Germar, Carabus coriaceus L. Carabus violaceus L. Genus Harpalus Harpalus distinguendus Duft. Species with the best representation has proven to be Odontothrips confusus Priesn. Other species that have been identified were: Agriotes spp. Wigley, P. Molecular breeding of forage crops, German Spangenberg 2. Carlsson G, Huss-Danell K Plant and Soil, Springer. Introduction: Triticale Triticosecale Wittmack is known as a plant with a large adaptability to climatic conditions, capable to produce high level of yield, even in poor conditions. Growth and development of triticale plants can be substantial influenced by the parameters climatic conditions, especially drought and temperature. Those are considered as key stress factors with high potential impact on crop grain yield. Aims: to investigate the effect profit bitcoin mike baird long or short periods of high variable temperature and also rainfall level in relation with final grain yield, and their combination at different growth stages of plants.

Research was carried out during at Agricultural Research and Development Station from Turda. Materials and Methods: the biological material was composed from a group of Romanian winter triticale variety and perspective lines. The experimental results were processed based on regression equation between rains or temperature and grain yield, in a different growth stages of plants. Results: Deficiency or lack of rainfall during the critical periods of growth and development stages of the plants have a major impact especially when those coincide with the occurrence of the second internode of plant, plant anthesis or grain filling period. The effect of high temperature during early stage of growth and incipient development of spike influences negative the final grain yield level. Also high temperature from plant ant hesis and post-anthesis stages had a negative influence to physiologic plant process affecting grain yield.

Conclusion: the influence of climatic conditions upon winter triticale variety revealed the effects of the thermal and precipitation in a different stages of the growing season of plants. Rainfalls from April and May had a high influence on final grain yield especially when they are associated with a normal rate of temperature for this period. Introduction: Ourdays, one of the most challenging aspect of both economy and daily life practices is water quality. But if we speak in agricultural terms, an interesting aspect concerns keeping water quality, at high standards, during and after crypto investeste astazi mechanized phytosanitary treatments. Aims: Proposing solutions for best practices concerning water protection against phytosanitary treatments performed with mechanized tools and means. Materials and Methods: Our research was performed in a vegetal farm, where phytosanitary treatments are performed with mechanized tools.

TOPPS programme foresees and principles are applied, in order to maintaind water quality in allowed quality parameters. Results: The results of ours study demonstrate the importance of applying best practices in phytosanitary treatments performed with means and tools, which make use of mechanized infrastructure, in order to supply an appropriate frame for water quality. Water quality protection, when phytosanitary treatments are mechanized, is a limitation condition in farming good practices that must be taken into consideration. Conclusion: The study we performed, underlines, once again, the importance of maintaining water resources in best parameters in terms of both, quality and quantity. This need is obvious because agricultural practices, including mechanized phytosanitary treatments, have to be developed in such a manner, which must keep water ustainable resource for future.

Keywords: Festuca rubra and Agrostis capillaris, liquid fertilizer, natural grassland, productivity. Introduction: An important part of efficient livestock production is ensuring the sufficient grass for hay and pasture. However, low soil nutrient levels often limit forage production. With good fertilizer management and soil fertility, the productivity of many hay and pasture fields can be greatly improved.

Through good fertilizer management, the productivity of many hay and pasture fields can be significantly improved by Ross H. McKenzie Aims: The aim of this paper was the effect of fertilization with liquid fertilizer UAN on harvest of dry and floristic composition changing on natural grassland. Materials and Methods: The experiment profit bitcoin mike baird results we present, was placed in in the place profit bitcoin mike baird Baisoara Mountain village, Cluj county, at the altitude of m. Experience has been placed on the Festuca rubra and Agrostis capillaris - of grassland type. The experience was placed after experimental technique method. Results: The natural meadow of Festuca rubra with Agrostis capillaris responded very well to profit bitcoin mike baird fertilizers with liquid fertilizer UAN. Conclusion: The floristic composition of natural grassland fertilized with liquid fertilizers based on nitrogen, it can be seen an increase the graminee families and an evidence downward trend from fabacee families. After a relatively short period of experiment 2 yearsit may be advisable to use liquid nitrogen based fertilizers because it is effective in natural grasslands in the mountain they improve yields. Rotar I. Ross H. McKenzie PhD. Introduction: Natural rock phosphates and other phosphorus P amendments have been recognized as valuable alternatives to P fertilizers, but nutrient efficiency of these sources is very poor.

The assimilation of fixed soil P as well as hardly soluble phosphates through the use of microorganisms is an option to augment the availability of P in easily available form by the crops. Materials and Methods: Inoculated plants were grown in sand culture under controlled greenhouse conditions. All the inoculated treatments showed better plant growth and nutrient uptake when compared to uninoculated control.

Results: The inoculation with B. Phosphorus concentrations in shoots and roots did not change significantly at the early stage of plant growth.

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However, the bacterial inoculation had better stimulatory effect on phosphorus uptake by soybean fertilized with insoluble phosphates, in particular in treatment with combined application of both bacteria strains. Conclusion: Combined use of strains B. Introduction: Plant rhizosphere is the portion of soil which is in direct contact with the plant roots. From the microbiological point of view, this area is characterized by strong dynamic of functional groups with high specificity towards the substrate available. Spring barley is a crop with high requirements to the composition of the microflora in the rhizosphere, disturbances produced by agronomic inputs affecting the stability of rhizospheric contact interfaces and ultimately the plant growth. Aims: Analysis of changes within the microbial community was carried out with the purpose of defining the disruptive impact of mineral inputs and potential of zeolite to reduce these disruptions. Materials and Methods: Microbial functional groups were analyzed on the basis of the CO 2 export under the specific conditions of soil inoculation on specific substrates over a time period of incubation.

Microresp detection plates profit bitcoin mike baird evaluation of a large number of samples under identical conditions of inoculation and the establishment of dynamics of the entire microbial community. Results: The dynamics of the entire microbial communities basal respiration is stimulated to increase in case of unilateral application of zeolite and zeolite as a buffer for urea fertilization. General growth trend of microbial communities follows proportional the associated application of zeolite with urea, the most powerful non-symbiotic nitrogen fixation processes being stimulated by this combination of fertilizers. Simultaneously, it was observed an increase in the dynamics of denitrifiers, also the decomposition of lignin and cellulose and biological crust formation due to the proliferation of cyanobacteria. Conclusion: Rhizosphere of barley plants is characterized by the presence of actinomycetes as dominant in functional microbial community of all experimental variants analyzed with a high capacity for biological degradation and raised mineralization of organic matter. Introduction: Soil compaction increasing soil resistance to root penetration Moraes et profit bitcoin mike baird. Aims: The purpose of this paper is researching the influence of the minimum tillage systems application on soil penetration comisioane de broker bitcoin and pea yield.

The afila pea variety cultivated is Tudor. Results: Soil penetration resistance is very significantly influenced both tillage system and the climatic conditions of the two experimental years, in the minimum systems is recorded an increase of the soil penetration resistance. The highest values of the soil penetration resistance were recorded on the depth of cm in the conventional system and on the depth of cm in minimum tillage systems.

Between soil penetration resistance and the yield of peas, in the three tillage systems, is a direct relationship. The yield has been very significantly influenced by the climatic conditions of the when yield were higher than inbut also the method of tillage, the yield obtained in minimum tillage systems being smaller than conventional tillage system. Conclusion: Minimum tillage systems and climatic condition at ARDS Turda influenced the soil penetration resistance and the yield of peas. Bergamin, A. Moraes, M. The resistant hibrids represent one of the most efficient solution for reducing the field loses caused by Fusarium spp.

Aims: The purpose of this paper was to know more about the reaction of different maize hybrids to Fusarium and the evaluating the effect of stalk and ear rot on the yield ability and mycotoxins accumulation. The biological material was represented by 11 hybrids, from different maturity groups, tested in two infection conditions with Fusarium spp. Results: The temperature and rainfalls of the four years of experiments corresponding to the vegetation of maize april-september are influenced favourably the pathogenesis of stalk and ear rot caused by Fusarium spp. Fusarium ear rot has significantly affected production capacity and chemical composition of corn hybrids tested.

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In conditions of artificial infection with Fusarium spp. There are negative correlations between production capacity and degree of attack of profit bitcoin mike baird ear rot; depending on the reacting genotypes tested increasing disease causes production decrease. Conclusion: The response of maize hybrids to Fusarium infection is influenced by infection and climatic conditions. These factors affect production both in terms of quantity and quality and accumulation of mycotoxins References 1. Nagy Elena. The role of genotype in Zea x Fusarium pathosystem. Cereal Research Communications. Introduction: In Romania, corn and wheat are the main crop, occupying the largest area of arable land. Convolvulus arvensis is one of the main weed species present in maize and wheat.

It is a problem weed, ranks 12th in the world being present throughout Romania, on all soil types and in all cultures. Convolvulus arvensis is a competitive and invasive weed, produces direct and indirect damages to which is added production of allopathic substances. Aim: The objective of this study is to evaluate the allelopathic effects of the extracts of bindweed on germination and plant growth of wheat and corn. Materials and Methods: In order to accomplish the study were placed two experiences with wheat and corn, under laboratory conditions. For the preparation of extracts was used 50 g of the ground material added to ml of distilled water and placed in a horizontal shaker for 24 hours, after this time period filtration was performed. Rezults: From the study conducted was observed that germination, shoot length and dry mass of wheat and corn plants were significantly affected by the type and concentration of the extract.

Conclusions: Inhibitory effects highest were recorded in variants treated with extracts of the root and the whole plant in conc. Extracts of bindweed stem showed inhibitory effect only at the maximum concentration. Introduction: Because of the great advances which improving maize achieved in, it is known that how much the density of the plant increases as more their drop resistance becomes low, increase sterility, and finally grain yield is adversely affected Brekke et al. Cobs weight is a component of production, which is directly correlated with that, therefore knowledge of the sowing densities that influenced positively this characters, is helpful in the process of maize improvement Cristea, Method of settlement of the experience was randomized blocks, avocați de tranzacționare bitcoin of two experimental years, eight experimental variants and two repetitions. Results: Regarding kernels weight, TC profit bitcoin mike baird TC A inbred lines have been very profit bitcoin mike baird positively influenced by the 1st and 3rd densities, with an average value profit bitcoin mike baird 87 grams of kernels weight.

In terms of cobs weight, also TC and TC A have been positively influenced by all three densities, together with this lines was remarked TE inbred line at 1st density. Regarding PI inbred line, for which the cobs weight was lowest, there was very significantly negatively influenced by all studied densities. Of the results for the number of kernels per row, were noted significantly positively influenced by the 1st and 2nd densities only for TC A; also here was remarked TA inbred line, with very significantly negatively influence for the number of kernels per row, for all three studied densities. Conclusion: The research environmental conditions were different, so the year has proven to be favourable to maize crop, can say that of the eight studied inbred lines at the 3 sowing densities, only two were noted: TC and TC A for the studied characters. Crop Science 2. Cristea M, Studiu monografic, Editura Academiei Române, cap. VI: Introduction: Galega orientalis Lam. Good, long-term persistence for 15 to 20 years is characteristic of this species. Aims: The objective of this research was to evaluate the growth and development rates, biochemical composition harvested fresh mass, fodder value and biogas yield of the cultivar 'Speranta' of Galega orientalis. Investigations on growth and development, productivity and nutritional value of fodder plants according to known methods were performed. The biogas was calculated using the gas forming potential of nutrients according to Baserga and the digestible nutrient index — according to Medvedev and Smetannikova Results: It has been found that the 5-year-old plants of Galega orientalis, due to the specific climatic conditions in the spring of high amount of rainfall and temperatures below normalgrew and developed more rapidly, starting to bloom approximately days earlier as compared with the previous years, a fact that influenced the rate of accumulation of nutrients.

The dry matter content in the harvested fresh mass changed from The biochemical composition of dry matter ranges from The nutritional value of 1 kg of natural forage, harvested in April, is 0. Conclusion: The cultivar 'Speranta' of Galega orientalis is a promising crop with multiple utility, being used as food for livestock and as raw material in biogas production. Introduction: The European Community highlights high abandoned surfaces of grasslands Osterburg et al. Beckles, Jr. African Dept. Kathleen Abate. Constant Leung.

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Burns, M. Norman Holmes. Privind un alt unghi critic, Hashgraphs nu este open-source. Este o tehnologie brevetată deținută de Swirlds Corporation, o companie creată de Leemon Baird, creatorul Hashgraph. În virtutea acestui lucru, putem spune că Hashgraph are un grad mai mic de descentralizare în acest sens și nu a demonstrat suficiente dovezi că poate dura testul timpului. Pe parcursul existenței sale de zece ani, Blockchain s-a dovedit a fi o tehnologie eficientă, sigură și descentralizată, care este principala propunere de valoare a tehnologiei. Hashgraph încă nu s-a dovedit, iar tehnologia sa brevetată pune la îndoială influența semnificativă a deținătorilor de brevete asupra tehnologiei.

Securitatea este direct legată de descentralizare și, din moment ce Blockchain este mai descentralizat, se limitează la Hashgraph. Criptomonedă și contracte inteligente. Platforma Hedera Hashgraph utilizează o monedă criptografică Hashgraph numită Hbar. Acesta servește ca simbolul principal de utilitate al tehnologiei de registre distribuite. Hbar este rapid și oferă taxe de rețea reduse, ceea ce îl face ideal pentru microplăți, în special în diferite modele de micro-monetizare online. Hbar este, de asemenea, utilizat pentru a recompensa operatorii de noduri din rețeaua sa. Blockchain, pe de altă parte, oferă și jetoanele sale de utilitate care valorifică diferitele blockchains din industrie. Depinde de diferiții dezvoltatori de proiecte să determine diferitele cazuri de utilizare ale simbolului lor nativ, care pot varia de la a fi un mijloc de schimb, un drept de vot sau un simbol de guvernanță. Deși nu toate blockchain-urile oferă contracte inteligente, multe dintre blockchain-urile mai noi sunt platforme care au implementarea contractelor inteligente.

Majoritatea contractelor inteligente sunt imuabile, ceea ce înseamnă că nu ar putea exista modificări ale modificărilor care pot fi făcute asupra lor. Singura modalitate de a introduce revizuiri sau actualizări este făcând una complet nouă. În ceea ce privește criptomonedele și capabilitățile de contracte inteligente, credem că este o atracție, deoarece atât hashgraph, cât și Blockchain oferă aceeași funcționalitate și caracteristici. Pentru a ajuta dezvoltatorii să construiască pe DLT-ul său, Hedera Hashgraph a lansat un kit de dezvoltare software Java SDK cu sursă deschisă, care oferă trei servicii oferite pe platforma sa, care includ criptocurrency, stocare de fișiere și contracte inteligente. Hashgraph SDK conține exemple ale celor trei servicii oferite, care pot fi modificate cu ușurință pentru ca o aplicație să funcționeze cu ușurință.

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Mai mult, oferă o introducere eficientă a API-ului Hashgraph, precum și toate instrumentele necesare pentru generarea de perechi de chei private și publice și pentru a semna tranzacții digital. Aceasta este în plus față profit bitcoin mike baird capacitatea sa de a derula contracte inteligente scrise pe Solidity, permițând o migrare lină pentru Eth dapps. Includerea Hashgraph pentru a sprijini Solidity este o recunoaștere și recunoaștere a profit bitcoin mike baird că majoritatea aplicațiilor descentralizate relevante și de profil înalt dapps se află pe platforma de contracte inteligente Ethereum, care este un DLT bazat pe blockchain. În timp ce Hashgraph poate avea un avantaj de scalabilitate substanțial față de DLT-urile bazate pe blockchain, există multe proiecte în industrie care explorează scalarea orizontală procesare paralelă prin diferite tehnici de sharding. De asemenea, Blockchain poate utiliza mecanismul consensului Dovadă de miză pentru a elimina algoritmul scump și aparent risipitor de dovedire a muncii.

Dezvoltatorii sunt sângele vieții oricărei tehnologii de registre distribuite. Acestea sunt cele care produc diferite aplicații descentralizate dapps. Acestea fiind spuse, atât Hashgraph, cât și Blockchain oferă dezvoltatorilor lor instrumentele necesare pentru a le permite să creeze și să dezvolte aplicații utile și în timp util. Aplicații descentralizate și parteneriate. Pastrama din piept de curcan 0. Piept de pui afumat 0.

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